As an engineer, I am interested in new technologies and I often test some new items and take memo for them. At first I have tried to use some free online blog resources but soon got tired of the advertisements and other limitations by the webhost, such like max upload file size (2MB, 8MB, which are not good for uploading a video clip). Thus I took out an old pc and set it up as a web server. The server is running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with WordPress blog tool.

After installing some helpful WordPress plugins and security patch, the website starts working now with large upload file support and I will keep adding my items.

I have a background in electronics, control and have rich experience in computer vision and robot control. I have been developing mobile apps/software with Java/C/C++/ObjectiveC/Swift for more than 5 years. I also spent some time on server software development based on PHP/JavaScript/Css/HTML.

MacOS, Linux, Windows makes no big difference for me. Though I do most of my work on Windows, I use Macbook to process photos, coding and Ubuntu for testing other interesting items.